Car Care Tips for Summer

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“Jumping into Summer with Tips for Car Care”

Change the Filters in your Air Vents While Changing the Filters on Your Summer Selfie

The age of the selfie has drastically re-defined the term “filter,” and while we use our fair share of cool and unique filters, we always want to remind our customers to change their air filters in their vehicles. Our service department recommends owners change their air filters every 15-30,000 miles, depending on their driving habits.  City driving does not cause as much pollutant intake as country driving, so be sure to keep that in mind when considering a filter change.  Contact our service department (link this phrase to our service page) today for more information on how to change your specific vehicle’s air filters, or you can book an appointment with one of our service technicians before your next Summer road trip!

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Rotate Before You Roll Out

We recommend you rotate your tires every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles to prevent blowouts and maintain steady wear on your tread.  A good way to remember when it’s time to get the tires rotated is to get it done every other oil change. 

Maintain Your Inspection for Everyone’s Protection

Getting your vehicle inspected is not only the law, but it ensures that your car is in the best possible shape for everything from a trip to the grocery store to a trip across the country.  Inspecting elements like fluid levels, headlight function, brake response and more will keep your car safe for you and everyone else on the road.

McGavock Nissan Service at Your Service

We are here to help get your car ready for the road this Summer and beyond.  Give us a call to schedule your appointment today! Our website is updated regularly with our current service specials and coupons, so be sure to check out our Service page before you book your appointment!